Successful 1031 Exchange | Multifamily –> NNN

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The Swanson Apartment Team assisted a client in another successful 1031 exchange, helping them move from six units in Long Beach to a brand new NNN property just outside of Austin, Texas. Taking advantage of equity built and ready for retirement, the clients were able to exchange into a well-located asset with zero landlord responsibilities! They now enjoy a brand new long-term lease and have increased their annual income by more than 40%!

6 Units in Long Beach
> LA County Regulations
> Rent Control
> Hands-On Management
> Leaky Toilets / Complaining Tenants

exchanged to

> Increased cash flow by 40%
> Corporately Guaranteed Lease
> Long Term (20 Yr) – Zero Landlord Responsibility Lease
> Landlord Friendly State

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